As a Singapore Tourism Ambassador, Hoang Bach and his wife, and two children were present in Singapore for the scene of the song "Daddy, let’s go to Singapore". Taking the children to travel around the world, Hoang Bach and his family always want to share their real travel experiences to the young families in Vietnam. Music video " Daddy, let’s go to Singapore" replay a series of new experiences that the couple give to children with the desire to nurture and realize the passion of children.





Not only possess the lyrics of the song, the familiar and funny melody and the clear vocals of the two kids, Meo and Te Giac, the MV "Daddy, let’s go to Singapore" also reflects the image of a country, colorful with many attractions for families to experience passion. The TreeTop Walk in the MacRitchie Reservoir, Garden by the Bay, the magical setting of the Story of the Forest at the National Museum of Singapore, or the Henderson Waves with creating unique waves ..., are the places not to be missed in each step of Hoang Bach and his family.





Hoang Bach said he spent time and energy in this product, and also the MV marks the next step in seriously returning to his music. Sharing his cooperation with Singapore Tourism Board, he said: "Hoang Bach always wants to nurture and satisfy the passion of my family, bring joy to everyone. Especially, Hoang Bach hopes to transmit this simple happiness through the lyrics to the music lovers. The cooperation with the Singapore Tourism Board in the name of Tourism Ambassador is a good luck and opportunity for Hoang Bach to fulfill his wish. As the message " The Convergence of Passion and Potential", Hoang Bach loved Singapore because in this place, each member of the family can realize the dream in their own way.