With seven previous events under their belt in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Manzi Art Space and Work Room Four combine their respective artists portfolios to offer work created by over 150 artists sharing in excess of 200 work of art. The work is selected and curated to fit certain criteria. These are not the oversized show-stopper canvases or the prohibitively expnsive sculptures of the solo show domain. Artists are specifically requested to peruse their repertoire and select older unsolod works, preparatory sketches and smallr prints or photography (and create new work) that they feel is good value. Prices start at $25 and are capped at $900. 

The walls and tables of Art For You strain under the amount of work on display with paintings, photography, prints and sculptures nestling shoulder to shoulder. At times it can be hard to really see the work amid the visual noise. But have patience, flex your curiosity and look a little deeper and there are some real gems to be found.
When asked what the purpose of the event is and why they decided to begin the event the collaborators have a single voice "Art For You offers a place to find something you love, something that enrichs your home. A work of ART that keeps you feeling alive and thoughful everyday. Buy it. Hang it. Cherish and share it. It is a good thing to do...for you, for the artist and for those you love".