From January 17th to January 28th, the Singapore Art Week is an annual art event that brings together thousands of famous artists from around the world. For the sixth time, The Singapore Art Week 2018 features more than 100 events ranging from art fairs, exhibition halls to visiting events throughout Singapore.
More than 100 artistic events took place over 12 days of the Singapore Arts Week
It is divided into three main topics: Discovery, Experience and Engage, Singapore Art Festival 2018 offers local and international visitors a range of quality art experiences, from traditional to modern. The event has cemented Singapore's leading position as Asia's artistic destination. Fair activities, the opening of galleries, exhibitions and art walks contribute to creating a space for sharing and connecting artists from all over the world with a multitude of paintings of art.
The highlight of the  Singapore Art Festival 2018 is the Art Stage Singapore, the largest international art fair in the region of contemporary Asian art to address the world's hottest issues. The Color Sensations Festival aims to put on a new piece of art for the Singapore Civic Center and Art After Dark. - the opening of the DISINI's visual arts shows is also an unforgettable experience.
Besides the other Asian artists, the event also marked the special participation of two Vietnamese artists, Tran Nguyen Uu Dam and Phan Thao Nguyen, in the space of The Life of Things exhibition. Life of Things consists of four exhibitions that focus on the iconic values of the object and bring out abstract, emotional and spiritual ideas. In that, if Serpent's tails (Tran Hung, completed in 2015) of Tran Nguyen Uu Dam bring viewers to the notion of a metaphor of danger but no less seductive from environmental pollution, then " Phan Thao Nguyen's poetry follows the footsteps of the person who was honored as the father of the Vietnamese language to open the journey into the world of historical imagery. The two artists from Vietnam and other Asian artists bring new perspective on the story of objects, architecture and location, as well as the complexity of the modern world.
Tran Nguyen Uu Dam's "Rising Snake" is inspired by smoke and pollution
As one of the Vietnamese artists who have had the opportunity to experience at the Singapore Art Festival, Yoko Yoko, creative director of a prestigious fashion magazine - guest at the event, said: "Singapore Arts Week has become an important event in the schedule of art enthusiasts in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. For me, the 2018 event is a blessing and an opportunity for me to experience the dramatic space of art. True to the message, "Singapore is a great place to nurture and satisfy the passion and the spirit of art."
Yoko Yung is excited to experience the art space of the event
Singapore Art Week is a collaboration between the Singapore Tourism Board, the National Arts Council and the Singapore Economic Development Board. ). Exhibitions and art activities continue to occur, for more information, please contact: