Known as an appetizer to boost luck in the New Year, Prosperity Yu Sheng is the sublimation of wealth and a symbol of prosperity and longevity. Singaporeans, especially businessman and traders love to eat this dish every New Year because it is a symbol of success, prosperity and fortune.
Prosperity Fish Salad is a sophisticated preparation of many delicious and fresh ingredients such as salmon, grated vegetables, sauces and condiments, all of them have a special meaning for the New Year. Salmon symbolizes prosperity for the whole year; five spices and pepper associated with the treasure; green radish stands for longevity; kumquat squeezed on the fish is a great blessing while sesame wish for success and plum sauce is for happiness.
The speciality of this savoury salad is not only about its finest ingredients, but also about how it is enjoyed. Special food is mixed together, it contains the meaning of each other wish each other luck, prosperity and health. It is believed that, the higher the ingredients are tossed, the luckier and wealthier they will be. While mixing, people will toss the salad seven times, shout "Prosperity! More prosperity!" and send all the best wishes to each other for the New Year.
Yu Sheng Prosperity Toss is introduced at Fortuna Hotel from January 22nd to March 2nd with 3 options: Happiness (2-3 persons) at 480,000 VND ++, Prosperity (4-6 persons) at 680,000 VND ++ and Fortune (8-10 people) at 880,000 VND ++. 
For further information and reservation, please contact May Man Restaurant by calling (024) 3831 3333 (ext. 6462)